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The Brinkerhoff High Performance Learning Journeys® Certification Program offers you the ability to earn credentials to demonstrate your expertise. It is designed to validate your skills and capability to perform design-related tasks and activities at a specified level of competence. The achievement of a HPLJ Certification demonstrates to your colleagues and employers your expertise in designing a learning to performance process that creates business impact.

Promote International is the accredited certification body

Professor Robert O Brinkerhoff has accredited Promote International to be the certification body for High Performance Learning Journeys®.
All organizations that deliver training on the High Performance Learning Journeys® certification programs must be certified through Promote International.

It is the mission of HPLJ certification program to:



Contribute to more effective employee and organizational performance.


Provide a reliable, valid and fair method of assessing the design of a training program related to its impact on business or changed behaviors.


Develop a worldwide community of highly skilled certified professionals who can contribute to and advance the L&D profession.

Step up

Take responsibility for application from training and use methods that bridge the gap between learning and doing.

Step down

Just keep on trying to make your ineffective training “events” cheaper and easier to access.

When you step up

High Performance Learning Journeys ® is the way to go. And if you want to contribute to business success, it is the only option

3 levels of certification

The Brinkerhoff Certification for High Performance Learning Journeys program comprises three levels of certification:


To attain the Champion certification, the individual has proven a clear understanding of the HIGH PERFORMANCE LEARNING JOURNEYS® methodology as well as demonstrated a commitment to increase the impact of learning interventions in their own organizations and the organizations of their clients.


The Architect level of certification is awarded to an individual that has proven their ability to apply HIGH PERFORMANCE LEARNING JOURNEYS® tools and methods to design seamless and integrated learning journeys that strengthens learning and performance results.


Practitioner is the highest level of certification. Practitioner level is awarded to individuals that have successfully executed, followed up and adjusted a HIGH PERFORMANCE LEARNING JOURNEYS® design, ensuring performance barriers were managed and performance improvements reached.

Professor Robert Brinkerhoff

Professor Robert Brinkerhoff is an internationally recognized expert in learning effectiveness and evaluation. His proven concepts and methods are used and testified to by scores of major organizations worldwide.
I would recommend the HPLJ approach “when you need to have a long term sustainable result and make a difference.” Anna-Carin Torstensdotter


The HPLJ approach encourages designers of learning to break out of an “event” mindset Anne Apking

Author and Performance Technologist

Improve your training programs to effectively contribute to business results



Make the transition to increased digitization with a purpose

Stay relevant – enhance your L&D approach to involve stakeholders on a deeper level

Boost your impact from L&D interventions – defend your training budget

Learn from 40 years evidence-based research on what works and what does not in delivering successful training programs

Improve your training programs to effectively contribute to business results



10 weeks


2 hours per week



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Program description

Brinkerhoff certification For High Performance Learning Journeys ®

This program explores the methodologies and practices in designing training programs that increase performance. It explains the key concepts and principles that form the foundation of a successful training program. This program mixes self-paced learning with interactive exercises in live webinar sessions to supplement and enhance your understanding of the HPLJ concepts, as well as case example segments from experts to help you become a more proficient HPLJ practitioner. During the program you will develop existing workforce development interventions or design new ones and convert them into learning journeys that more effectively and efficiently improve employee performance..

Become a recognized expert in training and development

The program is intended for learning professionals. You will join a cadre of instructional designers, facilitators, HR managers, learning and development professionals/project managers, performance consultants, that know how to succesfully transform training interventions to deliver desired performance

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